Navreet Josan

Being an athlete, I wanted to enroll in a course that helped me get better at my sport by understanding training & nutrition. At first, I wasn’t sure that an online course would work, but Guradesh and Yash were super effective. Everything was explained in a way that was simple and easy to understand. I also liked that they shared a lot of personal anecdotes and examples that help you apply the learnings practically, which is so important. Otherwise, what’s the point? Overall, it was worth the investment as I learned more than I had expected. Each module has been thought through, and you can tell that they have tried to make the course as easy and practical as possible, which wasn’t the case with a fitness course I had done a few years back.

Sukhan Verma

Enrolling for ECNA is the best thing I’ve done for my knowledge in training, nutrition, and fitness in general. I’ve been working out for more than 10 years, and I thought I knew a lot about training and nutrition just because I had done some research on “Google” in my early days when I started out. Lol, I have to say that I was so wrong. ECNA has given me a new perspective on fitness and nutrition, has made me realize how important are the basics and small details. It has busted so many myths that I believed. And needless to say, Guradesh Veera gives you all his knowledge precisely and to the point. If you really want to learn what training and nutrition really mean, just enroll yourself for the next ECNA batch without giving it a second thought. You won’t regret it.


It was my pleasure to get educated by amazing coaches like Guradesh Mann and Yash Vardhan – I never thought this could be so detailed training. My queries were quickly solved live as well as offline. The support you as coaches gave is tremendous.

The best part about ECNA is, there are lectures recorded and saved so I can watch it in my preferable timeline.

It’s different from other courses because ECNA teaches practicality and not just words. This is helpful for many beginners.

It was an amazing journey and very helpful for my online coaching journey !!

ECNA is a must to do!!

Sunmeet Gill

It was a great experience to be the member of the first batch of ECNA, learned so much from my mentors Guradesh sir and Yash sir, got two certifications in ECNA one is CPT and the second one is Certified Nutritionist, applying on my clients what I learned from this course and getting great results 🙌🏻💯


I don’t know where to start from, but honestly, I never thought that I would be a part of the ECNA curriculum as I was just a client of Yash who wanted to lose fat and be healthy, but somehow I just kept getting sucked into this nutrition and lifestyle stuff more and more, and here I am, trying to be a dedicated student . ECNA classes and lectures are amazing, they are detailed and provide everything that you need for any topic and to become a great coach actually, but at the same time, they are fun to attend and read later. The level of detail in each and every lecture is just ‘wow.’ Needless to say, both Mann sir and Yash have been amazing throughout this course for just pushing us all hard and providing us the support to become better individuals and amazing coaches!! I feel this is just a beginning for me, and still I feel so confident that despite of having no plans to become a coach or anything. Here I am already preparing fat loss plans for my family and friends. Kudos to both of you and the ECNA curriculum for instilling that confidence in us. Hopefully, one day we become as good a coach as you guys.


It was my pleasure to learn from Guradesh Sir and Yash Vardhan Sir I must say ECNA is the best course for a person like me whose background was totally different and the one who doesn’t know anything about the nutrition and fitness industry. After joining ECNA, the Basics Of Fitness and Nutrition is more clear now. Thank you so much, sir, for conducting this amazing course which is related to the basics; and it was a great learning period with you both, and practices were also amazing sessions in which we were able to learn about the positioning and postures of exercise in a corrective way. A person who wants to know the basics he/she must join ECNA Once again, Thank you so much, sir 🙏


My experience was at the next level.

I learned lot of new things, basics of how your body work when you are into any physical activity.

I always want to learn how your body works, and I am glad that I learned with top coaches/teachers of India.

My fav was ROM classes; that experience was at the next level.

Heavy uthane se body nhi banti sahi krne se body banti hai( heavy lifting is only for insta stories😂😂)


Sir, it was an amazing experience Got a lot to learn Many of myths were cleared Exercise techniques were mind-blowing Over it was value for money Thanks for organizing this.